Smart Home Accessories

Smart Home Accessories

What we are?

We are one of prime online stores that work closely with suppliers to get you high quality products on cheaper rates.

What we do?

We provide accessories, electronics & its accessories, Smart home accessories and sports & outdoor accessories.


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Smart Home solutions we provide

Smart Home is one of the bestselling categories that are popular among long list of our customers. We provide number of accessories in this category; following is list of few prominent items and their description.


  1. LED Foldable Lantern
  2. Portable Coffee Mug Warmer
  3. Motion Sensor strip Lights
  4. Foldable Wireless Touchpad Keyboard
  5. Wireless Charging Pad
  6. Recharger Defuzzer
  7. Night Vision Wireless IP Camera
  8. Magnetic Levitating shoe holder
  9. Fit bot – Deep Muscle Massager 


  • LED Foldable Lantern
    • This will come handy & prove useful if you are going for camping or traveling. It is essential tool for every home. If you want to decorate your home or use in blanket it is for you. A unique purpose built customized for your candle needs.



  • Portable Coffee Mug Warmer
    • Are you fed up of getting up and pop up your coffee we are pleased to inform you that our customized made portable coffee mug warmer is here for you to rescue?



  • Motion Sensor Strip Lights
    • Motion sensor strip lights are smart and modern era solution to the dark corners of your house. It has easily adjustable modes for day / night use and “light on” time from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. With responsive sensors, you can forget about searching for switches in the dark. It is powered by a USB charger the adhesive strips are easy to cut so that you can cover as much ground as you want.


  • Foldable Wireless Touchpad Keyboard
    • Are you tired of handling wire while traveling or going on trip; here is ultra-thin light weight foldable wireless touchpad keyboard for you. It has built-in mode and easily connects to your tablet and smartphone etc.


  • Wireless Charging Pad
    • It is extremely stylish and most beneficial wireless charging pad in order to be in style and ease of use for you. Any phone can be connected with this charger which contains micro USB. It is made up of plastic and it is available in different features for different mobile brands.


  • Rechargeable defuzzer
    • Do you want to keep your clothes lint and fuzz-free? Here is rechargeable defuzzer for you. You just have to swipe the defuzzer brush against the rough materials; the defuzzer will collect lint, fur and hairs from your clothes, furniture and fabrics in seconds.


  • Night Vision Wireless IP Camera
    • Do you worry about home security whenever you leave your home? What if you have been provided wireless IP camera with a simple WiFi connection where you can play all your videos in a real-time via a smartphone or tablet app for remote viewing when you are away from home.